Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"The Appeal Letter"

After the smothering* of Halabcha
I wrote a long appeal letter to God.

Before I read it to anyone, 
I read to a tree.

The tree cried.

A nearby mailer pigeon told me:
who is gonna take it for you?
If you are thinking of me,
I can not fly all the way to the God!

At the midnight,
The angel of my poems, who was wearing mourning cloth,
Told me:

Don't worry at all
I will take it for for you.
All the way to the upper skies.
All the way to the gates of heaven.

But I can't promise that God himself will take the letter from me.
You know,
its hard to reach out to God directly.

I said:
Thank you, Please fly !

The angel flew.
 Took my appeal letter with herself.

The day after, when she came back.

The 4th level receptionist in the God's appeal office
wrote a note for me
On the same letter
In Arabic:

You foolish man, 
Write it in -Arabic-.
Nobody speaks Kurdish here 
and we won't

A poem by Sherko Bekas
Translation from Kurdish By Medya Ghazizadeh

Foot notes;

*1. Halabcha is a city in which Saddam killed more than 5000 civilian Kurdish people by using chemical weapons immediately and 7000 more people died later of the injuries. March 16, 1988

*2. Wearing black in condolences.

3* Speaking Kurdish language was forbidden in many countries including Iraq and Turkey.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"That's More preferable."

The soul to catch fire from your love
 That's more preferable.

The soul to become a volcano from your love
 That's more preferable.

Whoever drank one drop from your glass
Got drunk for eternity
 That's more preferable.
As you appeared, I went to the hide out
To be with the lover in hide out
That's more preferable.

The pain of your love which burns my soul
Let it be all poison,  
That's more preferable.

 Pour the pain on me and let it be no cure
Cause your pain to any cure 
is more preferable...

Poem by Attar of Nishapur 1145 A.D
Translation from Persian by Medya Ghazizadeh.
Music By Shajarian

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Canary Said ...

The canary said: 
                  Our Planet ...
                  The planet of golden bar cages 
                                               and china crocks.

The red fish of the new year's table* described it as a place that

                                               - blooms- with each spring.

The vulture said:
                                               Oh my planet !
                                               The unique planet !
                                               in which
                                                             -  death -
                                                             creates food.

The shark said: 
                          The earth.
                          Provider of  food underneath the oceans.

Human said no words.

It was only him who had cloth on.

and his sleeves were wet from tears ...

* A poem by Ahmad Shamlu, Calligraphy and Translation by Medya Ghaizadeh
* Persian new year which is first day of sprint.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Guy Buys a Shirt.

One day Nasreddin goes to a shop and looks a pair of pants and puts them back without buying them and then looks at a shirt with the same price and walks away with the shirt .

The shop owner yells at him :

- "Hey you didn't pay for that shirt!"  
- "But I put the pants back instead" Nasreddin responds.

- "You did not pay for the pants !" 
- "Why I should pay for the pants if I put them back ? " Nasreddin responds.

* In Persian literature, Molla Nasreddin is a character who lived in 13th century. he does silly things showing philosophical paradoxes . my translations are not word by word but meaning by meaning.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Carol of the Greatest Wish

Only if freedom would sing a song.
                    Tiny as a bird's tweet.


would remain a ruined wall ...

It would not take so many years to find out,

That each ruin 

                    is the absence of human.
and the presence of human 

                    is civilization .

That was the story of the great absence.
That was the story of the ruins.

Only if freedom would sing a song.
                    Just as tiny as one bird's tweet ...                                      

By Ahmad Shamlu, 1977 Rome, Italy.

* Translation and Calligraphy by Medya Ghazizadeh. All rights are reserved.



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