Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Feeling Proud" By Sherko Bekas

The Elephant felt proud of his powerful trunk,
and pulled out a tree from the ground

The Lion felt proud of his powerful claws,
and tore apart a deer 
in one attack.

But a bird came right after them,
without any power or claws.
and planted a seed by the dead tree,
and sang a sad song for the deer.
and it never felt proud for anything !

A Poem by Sherko Bekas
Translation from Kurdish by Medya Ghazizadeh

Sunday, December 3, 2017

"On that cold windy night ..." By Sherko Bekas

On that cold windy night
When we went out

It was only me who didn't have anything with,
Neither gloves,
Nor a scarf,
Nor a jacket.

On that cold windy night,
I only carried your love with me,
Therefore I wore you on my hands,
                                   around my neck
                                   and on my shoulders

I think I got warmth more than everyone else !

A poem By Sherko Bekas,
Translated from Kurdish by Medya Ghazizadeh

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

git shortcut: delete all the branches except master

If you are like me, and create a branch for each PR, you like branches as short-lived as possible, and you are lazy to clean them up here is the short cut for you.

That will delete all the git branches except master.

git branch | grep -v "master" | xargs git branch -D

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Interactive Walkthrough thing

Let say Google just redesigned Gmail (or Inbox) what they usually do is, as soon as you login, they have this forced assignment for you to go through. that indicates "hey we changed everything!  click on next so you see in each step how to find stuff !"

In each step all the screen is grayed out except the part they want you to see.  You have click next step 5-6 times on bunch of animated buttons in a totally redesigned page, while you are eager to see what is the new thing looks like overall by yourself., and finally they let you in ! I find this extremely, _EXTREMELY_ useless if it pops up on the first visit.

The disappointing part is, once you click through the homework they give you, it will be gone forever and you won't have a chance to get it back.

I as a user, I rather that I see all the new stuff myself and then if I feel lost ask for the interactive help to guide me through and show me all the new stuff.

After all if I don't have a question, Throwing answers at me, is not gonna be useful to me but rather annoying and noisy ! let me have questions first ! then I would appreciate the fancy interactive help.

If the interactive help is thrown at me as a forced assignment on the first time I am seeing the new UI.  I will fight you and will do whatever possible to skip the stuff in my face.
It is such a waste of making such a nice interactive help. if not given to the user in the right time and the right place !

The same critic goes to site suveys, many websites, popup a survey for you to fill out about the sites usability, upon first 30 seconds of being on the website. without letting you have a chance to actually experience the website first, then give them your opinion.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Appeal Letter"

After the smothering* of Halabcha
I wrote a long appeal letter to God.

Before I read it to people, 
I read it to a tree.

The tree cried.

Nearby a mailer pigeon told me:
Who is gonna take it for you?
If you are thinking of me,
I can not fly all the way to God!

At midnight,
The angel of my poems, who was wearing mourning cloth,
Told me:

Don't worry at all
I will take it for for you.
All the way to the upper skies.
All the way to the gates of heaven.

But I can't promise that
God himself will take the letter from me.
You know, Its hard
To reach to God.

I said:
Thank you, Please fly !

The angel flew.
 Took my appeal letter with herself.

The day after, when she came back.

A 4th level receptionist in the God office
Wrote a note for me
On the same letter
In Arabic:

You foolish man, 
Write it in -Arabic-.
Nobody speaks Kurdish here 
And we won't
forward it

A poem by Sherko Bekas
Translation from Kurdish By Medya Ghazizadeh

Foot notes;

*1. Halabcha is a city in which Saddam killed more than 5000 civilian Kurdish people by using chemical weapons immediately and 7000 more people died later of the injuries. March 16, 1988

*2. Wearing black in condolences.

3* Speaking Kurdish language was forbidden in many countries including Syria and Turkey.



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