Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Echo the return status of the last command

echo $?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Find a file in linux

find / -name nameOfTheFile

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

even if it is not a scam, is AmEx that stupid ?

Today I got a phone call, someone with a heavy accent asking me,

- Hello is this "Medya ..." ?

I am I confirm my full name to this unknown number ? and I decided to say :

- Me: Who is this ?

- I am from AmEx, you had left a message for us on the website, this is regarding your question. can you please confirm your date of birth ?

- Why ?

- Sir I have to ...before I can blah blah

- if I left a message through email , why dont you just email me back ?

- Sir I need you to verify your DOB

- I am not gonna tell an uknown number who called me, my DOB or SSN, I have to drop this call, if there is something important, just email me.

-Sir it is important and I can't email you.

- I am sorry, I don't trust who you are, and this is not professional for a company to call me and ask me my DOB, if you have something important for me just email me .

so I it made me think is that a scam ? even if it is not a scam, is AmEx that stupid ? calling from a unkown number asking people to tell them their DOB ? wouldn't that be advising customers to do bad practice ? to give their info to anyone who calls them and claims they are from AmEX ?

CD (change directory) to a long path without lots of tab ...

I used to go to this directory every time I wanted to develope this cookbook,
cd /home/chef-repo/cccis-cookbooks-parent/cccis-weblogic

which involved lots of tab... one way to fix that would be creating a soft link at home or any where else you wanna acccess it, but thats would be lots of soft links,

I decided to go with environment variables

export weblogic_cookbook=/home/medya/chef-repo/cccis-cookbooks-parent/cccis-weblogic
now anywhere I am all I have to do is,
cd $weblogic_cookbook

the good thing is I dont even have to type $weblogic_cookbook, I can type $web...and press tab it will auto complete me. pretty sweet :)

to make this permanent, and make it run every time you open a new seassion (like when you duplicate a SSH seassion) you need to add to to the profile.d foder

I added it to a file under /etc/profile.d/

Monday, September 8, 2014

Shady Comcast, hopes customers mistake $9.95/mo fee for $2.5/month !

When you try to order cable, they have not HD reciever by default, for HD reciever there is a button "Add for $2.5", if you hover over the button a tool tip shows up, "A monthly HD Technology fee of $9.95 applies." the tooltip hides as soon as you move the mouse, so you dont have the option of copying it for a customer service.

Here is the shady part, you click on "Add for $2.5" and in the total summary it reflects only $2.5 more money (as you had expected) and then it asks for your social security number,
to proceed, once they send a inquiry to your credit report, you can see the $9.95 price been added to your monthly total. (at this point you would feel it is too late to cancel I already gave them my SSN)

I talked to multiple customer service on chat, as soon as I asked about this, they changed the topic of the conversation, I kept being presistant and they finally told me "We apologize for incorrect information being displayed as we are currently updating our website. This will be fixed as soon as possible. HD service will be $9.95/mo."

I do not trust Comcast .



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