Monday, November 9, 2015

Removing audio from a video in command line

I recorded our presentation on Chef in Oracle open world with two sound devices, and I needed to replace the video's audio with other one, one easy way is to remove the audio from the video and then merge it with another video. all in command line !

Quick handy tip :

ffmpeg -i Chef-Weblogic-Final-2.mp4 -vcodec copy -an Chef-Weblogic_nosound.mp4

Monday, October 5, 2015

How do I find parking spot in Chicago ? (aka Parking Meditation)

If you are in Chicago and you are on a waiting list for parking spot in your building, or you just have to park on the street, you got two ways to park!

Old School :
keep cursing around in every street near your place, till you find a parking spot.
it can take up to 40 minutes !

My Way:
Drive to the closets street , which you can park at both sides.
Find the first Towzone spot (or illegal to park spot), turn of your car, put your flashers on, wait for someone to leave their spot.

Meanwhile you can get out of your car, check on the car's vitals, oil level, tire pressure, check the suspension, clean the mirrors, clean the interior, check under the car for any possible leak...

This is also a great "me time". without any distraction from work or medias. think about your life and your ideas, what you like to do in the following weeks. you can even close your eyes for 2 minutes and not think about anything at all.

Advantages of my way:
-Your car won't be worn out,in first way you would need to break -a lot- and use more gas
-You do preventive care for your car, by checking the vital every now and then.
-You save the environment (a lil bit) and you wont make any new traffic for the city while cursing around !
-Replace frustration with relaxation, you won't get frustrated anytime a spot is too small or someone parked their car in a dumb way (that could have given you a space), or the moment you park happily you get out of the car and see a sign behind the trees that says you can't park here Thursdays 4P-6PM.
- Usually takes less time to find parking than keep cursing around in the neighbor hood. (in my experience someone leaves their spot every 15-20 minutes)

Happy parking folks !

Monday, September 28, 2015

Linux Log Tips !

Great summarize of  using linux tools (grep, tail, cut, awk,...) to analyze system logs.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Google Contributor" a win win project for content producers and consumers !

I started blogging about 13 years ago, like many other blogger, I took advantage of ads to get money. till one day AdBlocker extensions were invented for Firefox (and later chrome), that blocked the ads and thus the earnings for the bloggers.

I made a blog post to question, weather it is moral for people to block bloggers ads, which turned into a heating discussions over that times commenting ad-don systems (yep ! we used to install an addon on our blogs to have the luxury of comments)...

In all of my those comments everyone was in favor of ad blockers ! and were mad at me for even asking like what about the interests of the bloggers ? how else are they supposed to make money for spending time to create content ?

Many bloggers/producers wrote scripts that will block you seeing their content if you have an adblocker installed. (the most recent example is The Late show with Colbert Report on CBS)

Some of the angry people commented on my blog had a point, they didn't mind helping the content producer but they didn't wanna be annoyed by random ads ( in some cases even offensive ads ).

One solution was donation buttons, but there were downsides to it, you would have to do many donations to many bloggers, and so many more bills to manage, and donation amount was not relefictve of how much you use their content accurately .

After 13 years Google contributor project! answered my question beautifully !  the idea is you pay a monthly fee which will be paid to content producers, you will not see annoying ads on their contents !

Content producers win !
Content consumers win !

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Presenting Chef at Openworld Conference

This year I will be co-presenting at the Oracle Open World in Francisco, the topic of our presentation is "WebLogic and Chef: a Recipe for Success [CON2276]"



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