Friday, May 25, 2007

Norton Commander clone for Ubuntu -text mode file manager-

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If you remember the old days of MS-DOS, you would miss Norton Commander file manager. The two blue columns where you'd select files on one side and copy them to the next side, only by pressing F5, no typing any commands !

and guess what! I've found Norton Commander for Ubuntu, it's called Midnight Commander. You may ask why would I use Midnight Commander while we have other grpahical file managers (i.e. Nautilus and Konqueror). Midnight Commander is a semi-graphical file manager, which means it runs under a Terminal window in "text mode" and we all know I am in love with text-mode programs like Image magic for editing images in text mode.

Things which are better about text-mode programs are:
  • They're so much faster than programs in grpahical mode
  • You can run it in SSH based terminal . (for example I connect to my webhosting server using SSH and I manage my files without typing commands)
  • They look professional ! (Actualy they are)

Midnight Commander is a text-mode program which rids you of the need to type commands in linux and makes life more comfortable. I love Midnight Commander. I highly recommend this software!
In Ubuntu, you can install it using the Synaptic Package MAnager (search for Midnight Commander) for other linux distributions you can download it from their site . To run it, simply type mc in terminal.
to end, I'd like to share some tips that will be helpful for using this software:

How to Copy or Move: as you see in my screenshot , it has two sides, choose your file in left side and then go to right side by pressing Tab and then choose the destination and then press F5 your filel will be copied ! (for moving you press F6.)

How to select many files: you can mark multiple files (or folders) using "insert" key , when you mark a file using "insert" it becomes yellow .
then you can do something to all of them (copy all of them, move all of them ,...)

to select all , press * key . (all of them will become yellow)
to unselect simply press insert key again and it will become white again.

How to zip and unzip the beautiful thing about MC is , you can compress uncompress files so easily . (I always forget zip related commands)
for example select the files you want to zip and then press F2 and in the menu choose compress can do everything with MC , including CHMOD (permissions)

MC is mouse friendly you can use mouse too (but you don't have to), for example you can click on the right side, instead of pressing tab or you can click on "File" in the menu at the top
(aah I remember DOS days again, at those times I had to run the Mouse program before NC to enable mouse mode . I have such a Nostalgic feeling about MS DOS right now, somebody give me a hug please !)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Share thunderbird and firefox data files between ubuntu and windows

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You have both windows and ubuntu on your computer (dual boot) and you would like to share data files (emails , bookmarks , extentions, ) of firefox and thunderbird email cilent between ubuntu and windows... then you need to read this tutorial !

First Step : choose the Data Files (profile) you want to use:
if you already have two different profiles (data files) in use in both linux and windows , you will have to sacrifice one, you can not have a combination .
I mean you have to choose weather you want Windows to use your current datas in linux or you want Linux to use your current data (email , bookmark , ,extension ,log...) on windows .

it depends on you ! for me ,most of my data files are in linux , so I make windows to use my profile in linux .

Second Step: choose a place to store shared datas !
we need a a place (a partition) which both operation systems can see it and can write to it .
I suggest a FAT32 partition .
(well you can choose a linux partition too but you have to install some extra programs to make windows see your linux partitions) so let say we choose a FAT32 partition , the partition should be mounted in linux with read write permission.

I go to that partition and make a folder named Sync
I create a folder named Firefox another named Thunderbird
in linux it would be

Third move the profiles to the new place :

now we should copy our current profiles to the new location (profile of the operation system which we chose in First Step) in my case, I chose to save linux datas and make windows to use them .

for copying thunderbird datas , open a the file manager and point it to
(replace the with your own username)

then there should be a folder like xxxxxxxx.default
move that folder to the Thunderbid folder which you created in second step.

for copying firefox data files do the same, open file manager and point it to :

(again replace with your own username )
there should be a folder like xxxxxsomething.default
move that folder to Firefox folder which we created in our New Place in Second Step.

ok now go to the next Fourth Step !
for those who want to make linux to use their windows data (unlike me) you do similar things you you find the profile folder and move it to the new place which was mentioned in Second Step.
the profile folders under windows can be found in :

C: / Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default

C: / Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default

Fourth Step : the final step !

now we have to go to Both operation systems and make thunderbird and firefox to use the new location of the profile

means we should make new profiles in both operation systems
first in ubuntu
for thunderbird :
run this command :

mozilla-thunderbird -profilemanager
click create profile
the new profiler is normally named default user
click nextclick choose a folder
and point it to the folder you made in second step !

and the old profile name was default (not default user), you better delete the old profile in the menu.

now it is windows turn !
run this command in Run:
thunderbird.exe -profilemanager
and then do the same things which u did above in ubuntu (create a new profile and point it and then re run it and delete the old profile)

Thats all we did it ! (yep it was easy)

For firefox you do the same thing above,
go to ubuntu , and open the profile manager using this command:
firefox -profilemanager
and then like in thunderbird create a new profile and point it to the folder which we made in second step and delete the old profile)

then go to windows
run the profile manager using this command :
firefox.exe -profilemanager
and do the same things.

thats all folks !
the great thing about this hack is, you wont loose your bookmarks and extensions , even if you loose your operation systems ...(they are all stored in a safe partition !)
you can do some other interesting things , like you can put your bookmarks in a Shared Network and make all the network use the same profile !

in the future I am gonna make tutorial for other programs (like giam and ...but I am just too busy I am swampled with life troubles and school exams)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to install extra fonts in Ubuntu ?

yesterday I found bunch of charming free fonts ( including Harry Potter, Batman , Lord of the rings Movies fonts ) .

I needed to install those fonts to use in my banners , here is how I installed it in my ubuntu .
first download the fonts you like and extract the zip files , and move all the ttf files into a folder in your desktop for example "dlfonts"

now we need to make a directory inside our system font to copy our own fonts into .
sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myownfonts
and then go to directory which you have copied your fonts
cd Desktop
cd dlfonts
and now copy the TTF files to myfonts directory
cp *.* /usr/share/fonts/truetype/myownfonts
(now delete the "dlfonts" directory in your Desktop we no longer need it)

you need to refresh your Ubuntu font cache:
sudo fc-cache -f -v

here are some other Font Related tutorials for ubuntu :

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Mafia Inside

I have spent many hours sitting on my chair infront of monitor designing my blog and I have spent much hours on each of my articles for ubuntu and they are the result months of testing and experience , and I am enjoying it but ...

but there is something which makes me upset , whenever I submit my articles to they get a few diggs but in less than one hour they get deleted .
I dont know who does it (I believe a Mafia inside digg is deleting my posts) the interesting part is , just after a day or sometimes a few hours ,somebody re-writes my article (most of the times they just copy/paste it) and in a few hours they make it to the front page of digg !

I believe digg has come to an era which is collapsing like every regime in the world which keeps things secret from peopel !
leaders of kept on making digg more complex every day and made hiden rules for user ranking without letting people know about their algorithm until this resulted a Mafia inside the , which is misusing its power to make money on others .(yep digg is pro open source but it is not open source itself !)

the's website design has also become so heavy and full of complex java scripts ...I personally prefer visitng which is neat , slight and simple and more intresting than

It was nice which I saw my articles been translated in other languages but it was sad that for the source they had linked to the Mr.Thief's blog !
I emailed the Mr.Thief and asked him to link to my article as the source, and he replied "do whatever you want" well he is right ! I can do nothing, he has so much influence inside digg and he kicks my ass in the digg !

I bet they are making hundreds out of my articles , but take a look at my earning on google adsense, (2 clicks in a week and less 60 cents !)

Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM [?] Earnings
shevin 4,255 2 0.09% $0.29 $0.65

I have written several great articles for ubuntu waiting to be published , but I am too disappointed to publish them , the Mafia inside digg will delete my post and will copy/paste my article in their own related sites and digg it !

Good job Mafia in , good job with disappointing me !

I used to be a fan of but I think I am gonna boycott it until they become open source and tell people about their ranking algorithm and their hidden rules and crack down on mafia groups !

there are several grouping inside digg which makes digg less attractive than before, those gorups don't vote for what is useful or interesting, they vote for what is to their benefit !
I feel digg is more like a propaganda playground rather than a real source of information !

may be it is not's fault and digg is functioning just like real societies , may be it is just human nature which sucks , in the past it was prophet's duty to guide societies but in this era , who would guide on-line societies to not steal and to not care just about yourself ?

Digg reminds me of ancient history , where empires and governments began really good then by time they misused power and forgot their ideology and at the end they collapsed !

+ These people agree with me :

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wuby : Install ubuntu in windows without touching your partitions

when I recommend Ubuntu to my friends, they immediately ask me :
-do I have to modify my partitions ?
-I like Linux but I just don't like this partitioning stuff...
-Can I have dual boot for Windows and Linux without messing my bootloader ?

and I used to recommend them to use Live CD , which is a good recommendation but just for one time testing, and for those who want permanent Ubuntu but still not ready to modify partitions I have a better solution :

Wubi , installs Ubuntu as it is one of Windows' programs , and it doesn't need you make new partition , and it is very easy to Un-Install (simple like any other windows program)
and another thing to mention, it won't change your boot loader so you wont face Boot Menu Problems .

reading their web site , I made my own F.A.Q for Wubi :

Would Wubi function just like ubuntu ? yes you will have 100% Reall Ubuntu (not using virtual machine or stuff ), but for accessing files on hard disk it wont be not as fast as normal installation of Ubuntu , because you are gonna use a windows partition format (NTFS or FAT32 ) instead of a native partition format for Linux ! EX2 or Ext3)

So .. How Much Space Do I need ? I would say you would need at lest 3 GB free space on your windows partition .

How big is Wubi to download ?
Wubi itself is 9 MB , but after you run it, it will download Ubuntu's iso (about 600MB)

I have already downloaded Ubuntu , do I have to download it again ?

if you have already downloaded the Ubuntu's Alternate ISO, you can put it in the folder of Wubi and you will skip the downloading section (good for computers without internet)
but mind that it must be Alternate Version of the CD (not Live CD)
After installation where to run ubuntu ?
just restart your PC and choose ubuntu in the menu !

How I can uninstall the ubuntu ? this is the intresting part ! You can uninstall it like any other applications. In windows .
you go to the control panel and select "Add or Remove Programs", then select Wubi and uninstall it.

I myself am gonna use Wubi to install other kinds of Ubuntu (you know there are Kubuntu and Xubuntu which I wanna give them a try too and un-install after trying them but , but for you I recommend Ubuntu not other ones )

so if you wanna try Ubuntu go ahead and download Wubi and test it easily and safely !

Monday, May 7, 2007

There is no man in this city..

(I took this photo with my cell phone , too bad I lost my other camera , I could take it much better than this ... )

In this city , taxi , bus , subway , street , school , hospital , everywhere you see a crowd ! and a heavy traffic .
I was walking into the subway , and listening to a Kurdish song by Hesen Derzî , I was walking slowly and looking at people and smiling to them .

the music and and the voice of Hesen Derzî was so mysterious , it was like he was singing from another world and sending his music to our world ... and a part of the poem really touched my heart :

Kesî têda nîe em şare bêto
which means there is nobody in this city ...
yep , the poem really touched my heart , I was looking at the crowd who were pushing each other in the subway , but I felt there was nobody in the city...

Actually , my feeling is not something new , I am saying what Diogenes (Greek philosopher) had said thousands of years ago.
one day Diogenes was
searching in the city with a light in his hand (during the day) , people asked him , "what are you searching for ? "
and he answered "I am searching for a man ! there is no real man in this city ."

Rumi the Persian also repeated
Diogenes' story :

دی شیخ با چرا غ همی گشت گرد شهر

کز دیو و دد ملولم و انسانم آرزوست
(which means , the Sheykh was searching around the city with a light in hand, saying "I am sick of Div and Evils , I want Human ")

It is interesting that Rumi had known
Diogenes at that time , because in the year 2007 , with internet and all these things , I hardly knew who Diogen was but Rumi knew him , hundreds years ago , I wonder what his source of information was .

so yep . the population of Tehran is 15 million but believe me for me there is nobody in this city !

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Boot ubuntu to RAM !

oh god, I have really become like Shewdiz and Shevin (two characters in my story which dont sleep in the nights) I cant sleep in the night too , I have to find a way to make myself sleep , you know I have things to do at the day (school , work stuff...) I have too much Math and Electric Shit matterial to study ... :(

by the way in these days I am writing a short story named "the forgotten story of the giant ship and the small island !" I will publish it on my blog soon .

ok let go to Ubuntu now! today I found a great article "How to boot ubuntu to ram"
it is great you can customize your ubuntu and make it boot to Ram , I have been waiting to do this for a long time , and the article also teaches you how to customize a Live CD ! (making your own Ubuntu Live CD )

Another news, the new Gaim is out , you can download it here (for Feisty Ubuntu)
although Gaim is no longer Gaim (they have changed their name to "pidgin", because AOL was gonna sue them) but I dont like their new name , so for me they are still Gaim .

in the new version ,they have changed the colors , and they have removed some features , I should say I don't like this Pidgin at all , I like neither the new name nor the new theme !

btw here is a cool site full of nice wallpapers for linux !

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Gpaint a simple fast photo editor for ubuntu !

You know what , you are tired and angry and need to edit a photo fast and loading the heavy GIMP would make you more tired and bitchy and you would start cursing your computer ... (he he)

Sometimes you just need simple program for photo editing , GIMP is a great photo editor but it is too heavy and too much feature for doing a a small editing , we need something slight and fast in Ubuntu which would load in 1 second and wouldnt take much screen in our desktop .

Gpaint is what we are looking for, it pretty looks like Microsoft windows paint !

Thursday, May 3, 2007

How to add watermark to 300 photos in 150 seconds ?

F.O.T.U (Focused on the Unfocused) is the name of my photoblog

I started that photoblog several years ago. Unfortunately, I had to stop it.
recently I decided to publish it again. After testing several photoblog systems, I finally chose PixelPost.
(I used to use FolderBlog which is also great but too simple for me)
I liked PixelPost, I edited its default template, but before uploading my photos I needed to resize them and add my watermark to each photo .

I resized all my photos and I added my watermark to all of them in a few seconds
not with Photoshop nor with Gimp ,it would take many hours and a lot of energy using a graphical photo editor, this is one of the situations which a console based program is necessary , I mass edited all my photos using "Image Magic" in a few seconds !

in Ubuntu install Image Magic using :
sudo apt-get install imagemagick
(they have both Windows and Linux version)

then I copied all my photos into a folder on the desktop like "myphotos" then :
cd Desktop
cd myphotos
then I resized all my photos by this command:
mogrify -resize 65% *.jpg
depending on the number of your photos it would take sometime , for me it took a few seconds

you could resize the photo by giving the exact width and height too like this
mogrify -resize 256x256 *.jpg

and then I added my photoblog's name (Focused On The Unfocused) in white color with a black shadow and 22 font size to the bottom of all of my photos using this command :
mogrify -font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/Arial_Black.ttf pointsize 22 -verbose -draw "gravity south fill black text 0,33 'Focused On The Unfocused' fill white text 1,32 'Focused On The Unfocused' " *.jpg
Note that you should give the program the address to font file on your system , (I have marked it in green) in ubuntu fonts are normally in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/
(in windows they are in c:\windows\fonts\)

to find out the exact Arial font's address on my Ubuntu system I used this command :
locate Arial*.*
ok we are done ! :)

I add another text to all my jpg photos in the folder ;

  • Smaller font size (15)
  • Another font type (Purisa)
  • Orange Color
  • On the the top Left Corner
here is the command (follow the colour equivalents to learn the command format )
mogrify -font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/thai/Purisa.ttf -pointsize 15 -verbose -draw "fill black text 5,23 'WWW.FOTU.SHEVIN.INFO' fill orange text 6,24 'WWW.FOTU.SHEVIN.INFO' " *.jpg
Mass editing photos saves your time and more important you get the same look on all of the photos , there are many other things than resizing and watermakring which you can do using ImageMagic you can study the commands on their website .

After doing all this stuff , it was was lovely when people visited my F.O.T.U and admired my photos .

Piling told me :
in fact you have your own style , your pictures are dreamy, mysterious, a bit melancholic. like you in fact !

too bad I don't have a camera any more to take more photos... (if you are Bill Gates or somebody ,you are welcome to buy me a camera . wink)

today I also added some things to this blog's template (I am still working on my blog template)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Your mind is like a donkey !

Dr. to Raymond (2nd Season , 5th Episode ):
Your mind is like a donkey. You can only throw so many bags on its back before it lies down and won't get up ! So you gotta leave that stress, and do things that relax you.

I love this "Everybody Loves Raymond" TV show ,
Somedays which I have too much stress, I watch a couple of its episodes , and it relaxes me before my donkey lies down ! (I download them in mininova )

by the way they have stuff for your desktop theme on their website
in my Ubuntu , I have set their background wallpaper , and I use their Icons for some of my Icon-less programs and when I shut down , Franks says "Thank you come again !" its cute !

Ubuntu users, to use icons ,extract the theme you downloaded , and open a terminal , and go to the directory and then enter this command :
sudo cp *.ico /usr/share/pixmaps/
and then right click on the program (or application launcher) that you want to use the icon , and click on properties and choose the icon .

and for using Frank's voice for shut down, in Main Menu go to , System / Preferences / Sound / (then go to Sound tab and change the Log out sound to the Frank's wav file)

+ I don't consider this a tutorial ! (it is too easy thing to be called a tutorial)
my point of posting this was just sharing my happiness with those who also like both "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Ubuntu" . (wink and have fun)



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