Monday, June 18, 2007

Is it visitor's right to block writer's ads?

here is my chat with a friend :
Shewdiz: I had 500 visitors and NO click on my ads...
Shewdiz: :(
Peter: I don't even see your ads
Shewdiz: really ?
Peter: adblock plus removes them all
Shewdiz: u shouldn't use that extention
Peter: why ?
Shewdiz: f** you ppl.
Peter: swear once more and I block you, ok?
Shewdiz: I work hard and I deserve something ! I need money.
Peter: I don't, but I don't like being insulted for nothing
Shewdiz: poor writers make articles so you see their advertises
and u are cheating
by using Ad Block
Peter: cheating?
Shewdiz: yeah, its like fucking a girl without loving her
I wish I could write a script which ppl who are using adblock extention cant enter my blog
they should go to hell, I really wish they go to hell, they are using my blog and they don't even feel like seeing a pice of small ads on my blog . I need money I work hard I desreve !
Peter: you are not very likely to get sympathies if you insult people
Shewdiz: ok :(
Shewdiz: I should go and die. you are right !

What do you think, do you think it is user's right to block a poor writer's advertisement who is working so hard to run his life ? does seeing a piece of small ad on the corner of his article hurt you that much ?

I as the writer of this blog, tell you people, if you don't like to see advertise on my blog, you should not come to my blog, if you are using AdBlock Extention and read my articles, then I think you are entering my house without my permission . Actualy you are having sex with my daughter without loving her .

I am gonna make a logo and put it on top of my blog "if you have Adblock you should get the hell out of here"

I really like to know what is your opinion on this matter , is it readers right to block writer's ads?

+ I wish those who made AdBlock Extention suffer from hunger and have no house to live, and no food to eat, Amen !


ok guys I want to let you know about how I think you know I am a human and humans think and their thinking changes . thanks for all who commented and told me their opinions, everybody without exception disagreed with me, some people behaved me so bad (sent me nasty comments !)

I think I am gonna stop thinking about making money out of ads
I am gonna find better ways, as I have said before, I am writing some great articles for ubuntu, I hope they help me become known in the ubuntu world .

Today I learnt something, and I write it down here so I never forget it,

Do not fight people, even if you are right, people are always stronger, you have to get along with people.

Sometimes I am wrong but I can convince people to be with me and I win !

Sometimes I am right and I stand against people (who are wrong) and I loose !

that's a sad fact that I have to learn. thank you for all your comments. I will be more understanding in the future. Thank you for reading my blog. Please suggest ideas for future posts.

Friday, June 15, 2007

All ubuntu's torrent clients (overview)

As you know torrents are a common way of sharing and downloading stuff, In this article you will read about my experience on all available torrent clients for Ubuntu including screenshots, I also introduce a web-based one :


if you dont use torrent that much and you dont download multiple torrents, then I recommend BitTornado, which is an enhaced version of the default Bitorrent ,
it is simple small stable program which does the job without using much cpu/memroy and crushing.

Only annoying things is ,it doesn't go to tray on hitting close, but you can force it to go to tray using AllTray.

you can install it using synaptic package managergo back to the menu


Azureus is full featured Java Based torrent client,
it is so known and probably most recommended by communities but I do NOT recommend it at all. because, it is extremly slow and it uses a lots of your CPU and memory. Azerus is slow on both windows and ubuntu, because it uses Java .

as I don't recommend Azureus, then "no screenshot for Azereus !"
You can install it using Automatix go back to the menu

  • Ktorrent does "everything" that a torrent client can do .
  • It has a good looking appearance.
  • It has a tray icon. (goes to tray on hitting close botton)
    and you can start or stop torrents in the tray (as you see bellow) .
  • You can preview downloading files .
  • You can choose selected files inside a torrent to be downloaded first or not to be downloaded (I love this feature).

Ktorrent is a way faster than Azerues, but still uses a feelable amount of cpu and memory, and it is because it is a KDE program (not a native gnome) if you want a full featured torrent, I recommend Ktorrent.go back to the menu


  • It intends to be Ktorrent for Gnome (using GTK+ and Paython).
  • It loads so fast (beats Ktorrent in cpu/memory usage)
  • It is is not beautiful . (it is ugly)
  • It has a tray icon, but there is not much you can do with the tray icon (like start/stop torrents in tray icon.)
  • You can choose selected files inside a torrent not to be downloaded , but unlike Ktorrent you can not choose them to be downloaded first .
  • It doesnt have built in preview feature.

Deluge guys are doing a great job, because I really care about the speed of the programs and the amount of cpu/memory they use .
Deluge is under developing, I will be checking every new version, I hope soon it can be as good as Ktorrent. (I hope they read my blog and add the features I listed)

+ You can install it using Synaptic package manager .
+ Here is Deluge's website.go back to the menu

TorrentFlux a web based one!

This one is another kind of torrent cilents, it is PHP based cilent,
means you can intall it on your hosting server, and download torrents using your hosting's fast internet, It is usefull for me , because I have slow internet, I download the torrents to my hosting using torrent flux, I believe there are many other usages of a web based torrent client which u can discover .

here is how it looks in browser :

  • It is open source.
  • You can limit upload speed.
  • You can see the download speed,free space and other information.
  • You can select specific files not to be downloaded.
  • You can close your browser and it continues downloading.
  • You can control your torrents anywhere you have internet (home, work, cell phone...)
  • The downloaded torrents are available for public .
  • It has built-in search .
+ You can also install it on your own machine but you have to install LAMPP (apacheserver/PHP/mysql). Soft pedia has a article about how to install TorrentFlux on your own machine

+ Here is TorrentFlux website.go back to the menu


This one is for Video geeks, it combines youtube and torrents and has some features for viewing torrents vidoes in a comfortable way .it is not easy to install on ubuntu, and it didn't click to me, but you may like it.
Here is their website .go back to the menu


there are other torrent clients, which are installable from source which you can give them a try too (a bit work) , Transmission, qBittorent

After all, I tell you, it is up to you what to choose, (according to your needs choose one of the above clients) but I myself use Ktorrent.
go back to the menu

+ I have spent many days testing all those programs and days to write this article with screenshots, and nobody pays me for blogging for ubuntu, in these days I need money so much, so if you liked this article, plz give me a small gift, the donate button is in the right side bar :) go back to the menu

+ I am writing so many GREAT GREAT GREAT articles for ubuntu, they will come soon (not very soon, after my university exams, but I am sure you will love them)



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