Monday, June 18, 2007

Is it visitor's right to block writer's ads?

here is my chat with a friend :
Shewdiz: I had 500 visitors and NO click on my ads...
Shewdiz: :(
Peter: I don't even see your ads
Shewdiz: really ?
Peter: adblock plus removes them all
Shewdiz: u shouldn't use that extention
Peter: why ?
Shewdiz: f** you ppl.
Peter: swear once more and I block you, ok?
Shewdiz: I work hard and I deserve something ! I need money.
Peter: I don't, but I don't like being insulted for nothing
Shewdiz: poor writers make articles so you see their advertises
and u are cheating
by using Ad Block
Peter: cheating?
Shewdiz: yeah, its like fucking a girl without loving her
I wish I could write a script which ppl who are using adblock extention cant enter my blog
they should go to hell, I really wish they go to hell, they are using my blog and they don't even feel like seeing a pice of small ads on my blog . I need money I work hard I desreve !
Peter: you are not very likely to get sympathies if you insult people
Shewdiz: ok :(
Shewdiz: I should go and die. you are right !

What do you think, do you think it is user's right to block a poor writer's advertisement who is working so hard to run his life ? does seeing a piece of small ad on the corner of his article hurt you that much ?

I as the writer of this blog, tell you people, if you don't like to see advertise on my blog, you should not come to my blog, if you are using AdBlock Extention and read my articles, then I think you are entering my house without my permission . Actualy you are having sex with my daughter without loving her .

I am gonna make a logo and put it on top of my blog "if you have Adblock you should get the hell out of here"

I really like to know what is your opinion on this matter , is it readers right to block writer's ads?

+ I wish those who made AdBlock Extention suffer from hunger and have no house to live, and no food to eat, Amen !


ok guys I want to let you know about how I think you know I am a human and humans think and their thinking changes . thanks for all who commented and told me their opinions, everybody without exception disagreed with me, some people behaved me so bad (sent me nasty comments !)

I think I am gonna stop thinking about making money out of ads
I am gonna find better ways, as I have said before, I am writing some great articles for ubuntu, I hope they help me become known in the ubuntu world .

Today I learnt something, and I write it down here so I never forget it,

Do not fight people, even if you are right, people are always stronger, you have to get along with people.

Sometimes I am wrong but I can convince people to be with me and I win !

Sometimes I am right and I stand against people (who are wrong) and I loose !

that's a sad fact that I have to learn. thank you for all your comments. I will be more understanding in the future. Thank you for reading my blog. Please suggest ideas for future posts.


Anonymous said...

You actually have it backwards. Using AdBlock is not like entering your house without your permission - it's like putting a lock on MY house to keep unwanted ads out. Keep in mind that it is your blog that is entering my house - not the other way around. And when it appears in my browser it is going to do so ad free because that is the only way I use the Internet.

Jacob said...

If you have the right to put ads on a page, users have the right to block them, including me. Yes, I am using AdBlock. No, I do not see the ad.

Please, don't whine about it. You can use a free hosting service like Blogger (which it looks like you are using but on another server) if you don't want to pay for hosting.

Heck, I don't put ads on any of my sites. It just annoys visitors.

Shewdiz said...

"it's like putting a lock on MY house to keep unwanted ads out. Keep in mind that it is your blog that is entering my house"

you are compeletly wrong, my blog is not coming to your house, turn on your computer and see will my blog come to your house without your Entering my site's URl and entering my hosting's computer?

"You can use a free hosting service like Blogger"

well I have decided to make money on my articles and I am not gonna let visitors who are blocking my ads to see my blog !

If I find a way to stop those visitors to see my blog I will do that.
it is my blog and I decide who can read it.
it is my right, I don't care you dont like it .

trent.porter said...

Even if people don't use ad blockers, they aren't going to click on ads. Everyone is programmed to ignore them. I don't even notice them.

Anonymous said...

Your complaints don't make sense. You can't honestly expect to make money off of a weblog. Especially one as poorly put together as yours. Honestly, all of the information you provide here is easily found elsewhere.

If you want to make money, get a real job, or at least post something revolutionary. If you want to write blog entries, then don't bitch and moan about what your audience chooses to do with their own browsers.

You whine about being a student...I'm a student too. I'm on my own and I pay my bills and everything just fine...but then again, I actually got a job.

Anonymous said...

"you are compeletly wrong, my blog is not coming to your house, turn on your computer and see will my blog come to your house without your Entering my site's URl and entering my hosting's computer?"

How am I completely wrong. I turned on my computer - and would you believe - it is STILL in my house. And while I invited your blog into my house via my browser - I choose not to let ads in. The reasons - they annoy me, they are useless as I've never clicked on an ad nor would I ever buy anything from such an add, and in general they detract from the whole internet experience. I guess I just started using the internet before it became a haven for misguided commercial ventures. Leave the ads if you like - but you asked for our opinion and mine is still that I don't allow ads on my PC.

Anonymous said...

Further clarification, entering your sites URL into my browser does not allow me to enter your hosting computer. Your hosting computers web server SERVES the web site to my browser on my computer. I stand by my original statement - your blog enters my computer and it does so ad free.

"If I find a way to stop those visitors to see my blog I will do that. it is my blog and I decide who can read it. it is my right, I don't care you dont like it."

That sounds a little childish - but so be it. Take your toys and go home. You are fighting a loosing battle though as people just don't click on ads. If you get paid per click you are wasting your time. Ads have grown into an annoying part of the internet - but one that is easily ignored.

Shewdiz said...

"all of the information you provide here is easily found elsewhere."
thats not true, I always write what not been written before, thats totaly false.
all my articles are oringinal and even other sites like UbuntuGeek have several times stolen my article .

"If you want to make money, get a real job, or at least post something revolutionary."

I d o have reveolutionary posts, for example

how to water mark 300 photos in 150 seconds.
that was the first time in the whole ubuntu wolrd, which somebody posted such a great article, (more than 5000 ppl read it but no comment and no donation no admire no nothing !)

Anonymous said...

I think your way of thinking is incorrect - and it is only going to disappoint you. The thing is - the internets best feature is making freely available all sorts of information. People aren't going to pay to read a good article. They are going to get it for free from somewhere else. Repeatedly you sound frustrated that people are reading your article and not giving you money for it. Or going to your website and not clicking on your advertisements. If you make it so we must view your ads or pay money to access your blog - you will likely find you don't have much traffic as people will go elsewhere instead. If you want to be paid for writing articles - you should find an employer willing to pay you. Otherwise - enjoy your blog for what it is. Have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

This is some sort of joke, right? Surely you can't possibly expect that anyone with two brain cells to rub together is going to take an attitude that asinine seriously! The advertising content you're trying to push on people isn't even yours!

FYI the word for web content that intentionally defeats filtration software and forces its way onto someone's computer is "virus". I've met some unfathomably dense people in my time, but you certainly plumb the depths of stupidity deeper than most. I'm betting your post is some sort of hoax ... an experiment of some sort by someone doing an undergraduate psychology degree maybe?

Just in case it isn't,, how about a basic lesson in how the web works. When someone types "" into their browser, they receive a simple markup document. That is the limit of what visitors request. That document may contain suggestions regarding additional material (images, advertising, or other embedded content) that users may wish to download, to enhance the end user experience of your site. There is no mechanism by which you can force content onto other peoples' computers, nor shall there ever be. Users naturally have the perfectly obvious facility (using the word "right" can be inflammatory!) to dictate for themselves what kind of content they are exposed to, be that images, text, audio or advertisements.

Anyhow, I'm still betting that this is all a social experiment.

Shewdiz said...

"Anyhow, I'm still betting that this is all a social experiment."

hey thanks for your comment, I see you put some time to write it (thanks) I just wish you had left some Name or Contact of yourself.

maybe my post is just an expreament to learn the world I am young and I am learning !

I really used to think, it is my right to have my website shown on Visitor side, exactly in the I designed it and I planned it.

and I used to think, it is not their right to change how my website looks like.

-btw- did you read my post to end ?


Shewdiz said...

correction :

"I really used to think, it is my right to have my website shown on Visitor side, exactly in the way I designed it and the way I planned it."

Anonymous said...

"I really used to think, it is my right to have my website shown on Visitor side, exactly in the way I designed it and the way I planned it."

As you seem aware, that runs contrary to the way the web is intended to work. The best websites are designed to display the way the visitor wants to see them. Consider, for instance a user with one of the many forms of colour blindness, a deaf visitor, one with limited RAM or a low-power CPU, a small screen (eg a mobile phone), a person without the use of his hands, a higher (or lower) screen resolution than you designed for, a user with religious or philosophical reasons for wanting to block content served by Google or other companies...

The list goes on and on, and in order for the web to be an inclusive place, where people can feel welcome, good web designers anticipate and accommodate the needs of all their visitors. Modern web standards (CSS, XHTML, MathML, SVG, and so on) are all designed with this in mind, making it easier for the end user to determine the way they experience web content. Essentially, you don't even have control over the colour of the text on your blog, let alone a facility to impose unwanted advertisement on your users. Instead, you offer stylistic & content-oriented guidelines, that end users are free to modify (or ignore) in a manner that best suits their needs.

"This is some sort of joke, right? ..."

That was me. Sorry.

My advice (for what it's worth!) is to try to remember that finding your way onto a person's computer is a privilege, not a god-given right. The real power of the web lies in each unique individual's freedom to experience it as they choose. Designers who do not share this fundamental philosophy have no place on the www.

All the best.

Shewdiz said...

Right, I undrestand now ! thanks for comments :)

Elmer said...


Putting a link to your blog in a comment is a sure way to incur the wrath of the Diggnation.

Just a tip...

darkman said...

I don't mind a couple of ads. But when on the page, all you can see is boobies, it does get a bit distracting.

+1 Adblock for me.

Anonymous said...

There is a site in my country, an information portal than uses ads too. A smart guy posted in his blog a list to adblock so that this portal's ads are blocked. The portal wrote a mail to the guy that he will be sued if he doesnt remove the list. The guy posted this letter in his blog and everybody was angry. The portal said sorry, explained that they are free because of the ads they use and the money they get from it. And that its the readers interest to let those ads appear, that makes sure the portal will survive and can provide informations in the future.

I think asking for donations or asking people to exclude your site from their filter list would be a nicer idea.

The whole ad thing went wrong when some sites started showing more ads than actual content. Its no wonder people got tired of searching the text between too flashing ads, etc.

On the other hand you mentioned evolution. Being angry about blocked ads is like the eagle being angry because the rabbit hides...Should the rabbit come out and get cought because thats the "fair"?
Some people invented web ads, others found a way to block them. People will find a way against blocking too.

Even if we are human, intelligent beings, nature laws work the same way in our society too...

tha_rami said...

Funnily, I do agree with the writer here. Not as extreme as stated, but yes, a website is a service as-is. The advertisements are part of the website and thus part of the total.

This is kinda like the copy protection on games. Is it right to remove it? Of course its not, its just practical for the users. The downside is that the creators of the game, or the blog, in this case, is heavily demotivated and possibly unable to continue.

The people around here seem to think in the opposite direction. The visitor is receiving a service, not the other way around. "Finding a way onto a person's computer is a privilege?" - what utter bull. The end-user is USING the website. Not the website the end-user. If the end-user has objections against the advertisements on a site, they should leave, refresh or block the site instead of taking away the revenues that keep the site alive.

It is your right to show your website as-is, in my opinion. If your site is that hard on the eyes, don't use it. The internet strives and runs on advertisements, and if those fail, the internet will start to have increasing numbers of sites for which you need to "subscribe" or pay through "paypal".

Whatever floats your boat, visitor, but Shevin made a more than valid point and seems the only one that has the correct point-of-view and valid argumentation.

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised that somebody write such things seriously. You really blame some of your visitors for not seeing your ads. At first I thought it is a joke but no, you are serious.

Dear Author, first of all let me tell you that your way of talking on this issue is a little harsh and rude. I see that you are very frustrated, but can't you be more polite when you are writing about people?

You made unpleasant similes like "blocking ads is like having sex with webmaster's daughter without loving her". I strongly disagree with you and I personally find such comments very unpleasant as a visitor not seeing your ads.

If you have told me that you don't want me here if I won't see your ads, I wouldn't intrude on your blog. I am not cheating here. I am just filtering the contents that I want to see on my screen. I have this right. If you want only ad-viewing visitors, you should at least tell your terms to people before you blame them.

Advertising is a disturbing way of collecting money and people often don't like it. I humbly advise you to be helpful to people and expect donations.



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