Wednesday, October 8, 2008

check your internet speed in Real-time (Ubuntu)

Most internet providers promise a speed , but they hardly keep their promise ، sometimes the speed is good for the first days but it sucks after that .

there are websites like which tell you your internet speed in one minute , but you cant visit them 10 times a day , to check your internet speed ,you need to see in realtime.

Netspeed is a GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device ( ethernet ,Lan network, dial up modem or even a sat card ) and you can see in realtime, what is going on with your internet download and upload speed .

I simply love it !
you can install it in three clicks :

1- Go to synaptic package manager and install it . (make sure universe repository is enabled)
2- Right click on your panel (at top) and choose "add to panel"
3- Find "network monitor" in the list and add it to your panel.

Quick tips :
- "Netspeed" can monitor many devices, make sure it shows the speed of the device which you want.
right click on the applet , then "preferences" , and choose your network device , eth0 , dial up or whatever...

- You can move its position on the panel . (right click on the applet , choose "Move")

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Most Delicious Addon Mods for phpBB 3.x

phpBB 2.x used to have hundreds of delicious mods for doing anything but since arrival of phpBB 3.x I see no TOP MODS for phpBB in the blogs or social bookmarking site, but it doesn't mean phpBB no longer have good addon MODs .

here are the most delicious mods for phpBB3 which I discovered , I tried to choose among the stable and easy to install ones .

Prime Quick Buddies
Adds icons for quickly adding a user to your friends or foes list.
Download it here

phpBB portal

Have a front page for your forum which includes statistics and recent posts and most poster users of the day and more .
download it here .


Gives your forum static URL's , excellent mod for getting more search engine traffic.
download here

Th23 Domain

allows you to use phpBB across multiple domains (the same forum is accessible via different domains). It allows you to specify sitename and cookie domain according to each domain you use with your board.
dowanload it here .

Integrate with Wordpress
the same login system for both , download latest version here

Thank post Mod
it allows users to thank a user on a post ,
the current version is 0.4 the developers are writing the 0.5 version and recommend you to wait until the 0.5 version (but it worth the wait) . here is the project page .

Points system (HelpMod) v1.0.0
a good alternative for Thank Post mod .
check out the the screenshots on the forum

Today's Posts 0.2.0
it is like the one in the "" it adds a "todays posts" to the top of the forum, you can see a demo here .
Download it here

Full Syndication Suite (RSS/ATOM)This MOD adds a full syndication suite to your board.
You can syndicate posts and topics for certain forums, categories, topics or the entire board as well as your own PM folders .
download it here .

PM spy
this one is a mischief one, which lets you spy on your user's private messages .
sometimes it is good for trapping the spammers, advertisers , and hackers .
download it here .

if you want to discover more Mods by yourself, you can check out MODs in Development page on phpBB forums.

+ if you think this post is useful ,please don't hesitate to buy me a beer or place your ad on my blog . (my email is in the sidebar)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Identify your monitor in ubuntu and save your eyes !

I have been using Kubuntu for a while and now I am back to Ubuntu . after a few days I realized my eyes hurt much and I wondered why .

by looking at the :

I found out that Ubuntu has not identified my monitor and it uses a generic plug and play driver.
and therefore the "Refresh Rate" of the monitor is lowered to 50 Hz . my monitor can produce 70 Hz in 1024*768 resolution .

in Kubuntu you can choose your monitory in system setting but in ubuntu it is a hidden setting .
to choose your monitor model and set the "refresh rate" in ubuntu this in terminal : (you need to restart after that)

gksu displayconfig-gtk

Mind that each monitor can produce different refresh rate for different screen resolution, for your eye comfort I recommend you to choose a screen resolution which has at least 70 Hz refresh rate . for my monitor it is available in 1024*768 , and now my eyes doesn't ache anymore.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am back to the game

Hey guys as you may know I stopped writing tutorials and stuff for linux because they had stopped fast internet in my region and without a decent internet it is painfull to try all the programs .

now I have the ADSL internet back and I am back to the linux world, this time I changed my team to Kubuntu , I have got a few article which will be published soon .

I am kind of happy .
by the way here is a nlinux blog I discovered , enjoy !

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yahoo , You are a dirty thief.

I had purchased two .INFO domains names at Yahoo Business last year, as they were so cheap at that time ($1 per each) then I found out they will charge me $35 for renewal of each domain . (which would be $70) and I could buy fifty .info domains in Goddady with that amount of money .

and the thing is, the $35 price was set in 1 July and they didn't inform each buyer that would charge $35 for renewal. (thats kind of cheating because nobody expects the price to be raised from $2 to $35)

so I immediately canceled my domains in yahoo and transferred one of them to and I paid the transfer fee and it was done successfully.

today I found out my bank account is empty of my money and my balance is -$46 ,
the evil yahoo charged my account even though I had canceled the stupid domain names .

I tried to contact Yahoo Help and ask why , they have no way for you to email them . all they have is a "Frequently Asked Questions" and a non-toll-free Support Phone number , as you know I don't live in America , so it coasted me like $20 to call them, and all I got was "Please wait ..." and some "Stupid music" and nobody answered me .

all I can do is to shout on my blog, shame on you Yahoo . you are a dirty thief .
and I am gonna make a Anti Yahoo Logo and put it on my blog's side bar.

P.S 1 : Yogesh was also cheated by Yahoo domains .

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Online Compile Tool for Linux

nowadays thanks to Ahamadi nejad's government I no longer have ADSL internet, and I am stuck to Dial up internet and back to dial up modems.

to be honest linux really sucks in supporting dial up modems, I had a Zoltrix modem and I had struggled for years to make it work and it never happened .

well an evil website is selling the restricted drivers for lots of money (I hate that guy who sells the driver)

I bought another modem (a D-link ), after lots of compiling drivers , I connected to intenret but my pc crushed every 5 minutes .

so I bought 'another' modem (a Motorola) and it is not working either, whatever...

while having no internet on Linux , I had to use windows to download drivers ,
and it is a pain in the a** to swtich to ubuntu to compile drivers because each driver has much dependencies which I have to donwload from internet which means I have to switch to windows like 10 times for each compile .

now I am thinking I wish there was an online website , which they already installed all dependencies (like Libc, gc++, ... and everything) and people could upload their source and get the compiled version for their own machine and their own distro .

wouldn't it be great ?

I wish someone does it , if someone is gonna do it, please mention it was my idea ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

There is somethign about Google which I dislike

I have been one of the google's fans since ever,
and it is intresting that whatever else which I have liked, Google bought them eventualy (blogger, youtube, orkut...) . I use almost all google services .

before google makes its united login system, we used to had diffrent logins for diffrent services.
one email for Google Adsense
one email for orkut
one for Blogger ( I had two blogger account one for personal and one for group blogs)
for security reasons I didnt use the same email for my adsense and blogger acount .

but now it is a few years which goole makes united login system and it is very painfull for me , because I have to keep on logining in and out .

for exmaple I wanna check my google adsense, I login
then I wanna post in blogger I should loging to
then I wanna check my email so I have to login to
then I wanna see my iGoogle page , I have to change back to

now imagine I wanna check my email and post into blogger at the same time...gosh it is painfull , it is really painfull and sometimes I miss my infromation -compsing email or post-

I just wish there was a tool or something which would let me login to all my google accounts at the same time . (without being forced to log out from one )
or I wish there was a tool which you could integrate your google stuff into one account .

and you know peopel change their email address every 2-3 years because of spam or security or ... so it is not my exceptional problem , I am sure much peopel have diffrent logins for Gmail and Blogger and Adsesne .

well I hope that Google guys will listen me and do something about it.

BTW I was away from this blog for like a century , it is because I moved my house to another place and I have to use dail up internet and it is pain in the a** . so I had lost my motivation to post .

# P.S :
Alex Chitu recommends using this greasemonkey script which replaces "Sign Out" link on Google pages with a select box of accounts.

# P.S2:
I like to know what Philipp Lenssen says about this .



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