Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Key Captcha - The Most Effective Anti-Spam for phpBB3

phpBB is one the oldest and most popular forum software out there,but the biggest problem for it is spam robots . I have tried all the tricks and mods  and spambot countermeasures  for phpBB,  and none of them worked for me .

Even the most sophesticated and most annoying captcha plugins couldn't keep those porn robots away from the forums .

I even tried question-answer plugins, that I made my personal questions and answers , it is very strange those spam robot programmers in india found my answers and added it to their robots , i twas really annoying that I had to make all users posts Pending on my approval .[a very big pain in the neck finding legimate users among 100 porn robot posters]

The Most Effective Anti-Spam for phpBB3 recently I found  Key Captcha which is a free tool and fun and it has been working great for me so far . I am really happy with it . it stops spam for phpBB3

Recently I found  Key Captcha which is a free tool and fun and it has been working great for me so far . I am really happy with it . it stops spam for phpBB3


knysna said...

Phpbb forum spam countermeasures.

I tend to disagree with you when it comes to the question and answers (Q&A) plugin. I swear by that plugin. It did work for me, and still is. I even tried the Google recaptcha plugin which never worked.

The problem people make is they ask simple questions, questions that the spambot already knows. Like:

"Are you human"

I created a question like this allowing 2 answers:

"What do you call spammers that use
spambots? type in (Juvenile
delinquents) or simply say (spammers)
without using ( ) either phrase will work

I created two phpbb forums a couple of months ago. Both those forums were infested by the UGG Boots and Jersey Captcha Spambot. Day and night for weeks on end I removed spam, in the process I done what you done. That was switch to approving posts. But their to I had to filter threw hundred of spam only to find 1 or 2 legitimate posts, and in the process I accidentally removed legitimate posts.

Since using the Q&A plugin I have not received one spam attack from spambots, even though they still out their banning on my door. Their are usually 2 of them (guests) every time I login. But they can't get past the question. The only time they will is if the spam lord comes on line and gives it the answer. And the chances of that are zero. They to busy spamming to many sites at the same time. And if they do give the spambot the answer, I simply change the question.

I've noticed your plugin asks quite a lot from a visitor to verify themselves! Don't you think that by itself could chase visitors away? I wouldn't have bothered posting due to that. The only reason I'm posting is. We have something in common. That is two different methods of combating forum spam and two different view point. Leaving the visitor with a choice of which spambot countermeasure to use.

Q&A spambot countermeasures

Regards Terry

Anonymous said...

Guys, please don't forget KeyCaptcha, Q&A and other same tools decrease number of users and post at the forum. Cause they disturbs users.

For my forum I use MOD CleanTalk, this MOD use some analitics methods to stop spam and it do it great!



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