Saturday, December 26, 2015

Google Translate Community

Google translate has a community to help them improve and add new languages, and they have a community for Kurdish language, I started contributing to it.

Google is one of the few big companies has cared about Kurdish language, and it is because Google cares about all kind of information it can classify. it is not motivated by governments or financial perspective, but rather to their obsession to collect and classify data.

This is one of those areas which my two big interests in life collide, Computers and Human languages.  Go Google Go !

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Zen of Python: Complex is better than complicated

Beautiful is better than ugly. Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated...Read the full poem here

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pile of Garbage in android's Share To button and 3 suggestions

Recently I built an a dedicated media server using OpenElec  for my living room's TV. I can share videos from my phone to my TV way faster than my sloowwwww smart TV, which needs 20 seconds to load youtube app. not mentioning the awkward interface to control it.

So most of the times I share videos from android mobile phone to my media center through Yatse app. The problem is, each time I share from YouTube, I have to navigate through tens of apps to find the app I want to share with. in the list of possible apps to share with, I see a lot of irrelevant apps, many of them at the top of the list.

For example yelp, ...why would I ever want to share a youtube video on yelp ? I might in 10 years.
That makes me sad that I can not order the list or hide some of them I do NOT want to scroll down every time.

Here are my suggestions for future Android:

  1. Sort them by frequency and user behaviour, over last 10 times I shared 8 times with my Media center and 2 times with Gmail. have my media center at the top of the list and Gmail in second. 
  2. Sort them by relevancy if I sharing a phone number, makes more sense to share it with Contacts app than sharing it to Yelp !
  3. Give the user ability to hide some apps for when the developers are mean and not nice
Maybe android is getting too big of a community a lot of greedy developers are out there, producing garbage apps, Seriously developers be nice! I know you worked hard to make your app, don't shove it in all share menu, start-up service, and ask for all the possible android permissions...

It reminds me of old times when I used windows...every application which you installed would add its files to the root (C:\) . and also to ProgramFiles, and to start menu, and Deskop and Start-up folder, control panel ... you would end up with a pile of garbage.

We bloggers could also make it morally unacceptable for developers who try to shove their apps in every hole possible in android, just because they can !
Does Couchsuring app ever needs to be shown in share menu for YouTube? the sad truth is, it is on the share to list..

Simple rule of co-existence in eco-systems:
Develop in a way, that if everyone did that way, Android would still would be a pleasant OS to use.

P.S: Some people made apps to fix these issues called Andmade share worth a try but it didnt work for my Youtube spefic problem.

Monday, December 7, 2015

E-Prime: An improved version of English language

Compare these two sentences:

I liked the wikipedia article about e-prime.


The wikipedia article about e-prime was good !

The first sentence is written complied with e-prime, (not using to-be words) and second sentence is not e-prime.e-prime helps the reader not to confuse opinion with facts.



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