Friday, August 26, 2016

On Which Operating System a Microsoft Mouse Works ?

The Riddle of the day:

Imagine you buy a $60 mouse built by Microsoft, on which one of these operating systems you can use all the buttons of the mouse instantly after connecting it to the usb port ?

1- Windows (windows from XP to 8)
2- MacOs x (All versions)
3- Linux (Any version)

The answer:

Here is what happens upon connecting your mouse to the USB port in the above choices:

1- Microsof Windows:

You will hear a sound (DllaaDling...) . The USB driver icon starts spinning. a window pops up and asks you to install the driver.

After installing the driver. you connect and disconnect your mouse, you hear the "DllaaDling" notification sound again. and it takes 5 seconds for the windows to recognize your mouse. during these 5 seconds you can not use your mouse and you keep moving the mouse till the pointer starts moving.  Really pathetic experience.

2- MacOS:

You connect, a window pops up. it tells you to use all your mouse functionalities you better install stuff .after finishing all the drivers, you are done.

Now you realize you can not use the "back" And "forward" buttons in chrome or any other app. (super annoying if you are used not go click on the back button like an idiot) The only thing the Mac OS x (el capitan) let's you to do is click and move the pointer.

You research and you see everyone has the same problem, and there is an app (betterTouch) for some money that is supposed to fix your problem. apparently you have to pay extra to use the back button on a mouse. and that app stops working on next version of mac os !

3- Linux: (Any Linux from 2004 and above)

First of all, there is no stupid DllaDling sound when you insert your USB.
Secondly the mouse starts working even when you haven't finished fully inserting the USB connector. There is absolutely not any second of you moving the mouse to wait for it show up on the screen.
and the beautiful part is all the buttons works for you absolutely for free.

both Windows and Mac Os are piece of crap software. Period. I am so happy never let myself be peer pressured to Mac os x.

Here was the rant of the day. ( oops I meant the riddle of the day)
Long Live Linux.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Python tab nanny

screwed up spaces and tabs in python ? try this:

python -m tabnanny
I knonw. so cute !

plus do yourself a favore, go to your atom editor and enable invisible characters. (spaces and tabs) sometimes python does not like it when you fake space for tab. and gets grumpy sometimes.

(edit/preferences/settings/GUI/ show invisible)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Does Google Photos Do Cross Account Find Duplicates ?

I had bunch of large videos on my gmail account and I wanted to move it another gmail account which I pay for the storage there. and when I uploaded all these videos it took google a few seconds to upload 100mbs of videos.

I have a big suspection, google skipped uploading the files and simply gave the new account ownership of a file already existed on their servers.

nothing bad about it... though.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Battery as a Service

I have a dream !  one day you pay for battery as a service. (or B.a.S) no matter what your device is, you go to a place (like a gas station) and they swap your dying battery with a fully charged one.

So you never spend time charging anything. just spend time swapping batteries. and those who do charging the battery would do it in the most efficient way.

And that would be true for any thing with a battery, Cars, Drill, Tire Inflator, Car Jump Start, Flashlight, Bluetooth speakers, Laptops... wouldn't be nice if all of them had a USB "input" and "output" so you can charge any of them with the other one's charger or... and in case of emergency can draw power from any of them?

Just a thought...

P.S: Thats one of the reasons I have stayed loyal to my LG phone and haven't switched to Google's Nexus. LG respects my wish to be able to swap my batteries.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Ok Google Just Relax ..." A public Google Maps Feature Request.

When you move to a new city. you will be using Google Maps a lot, and you end up having the google maps' navigation on most of the time; and you will be directed like a little kid.
... in 300 feets use the two left lanes, to turn left on Rose Street! 
Awesome thanks Google Mama! You prevented me from being the asshole driver who doesn't go to the correct lane to turn and saved other drivers a lot of curses....

However Google Mama (like any other Mama can be annoying sometimes), for example when you are at the places you already know where you are (and you have been there 10 times), ... it interrupts your beautiful music and tells you which lane to use ... Ok google mama trust me I know what I am doing, just relax, don't tell me what to do when I know where I am.

I think Google Maps could use AI to be little bit more, like recognize my home and work address or the routes that I have been more than 20 times and don't interrupt my music, to tell what to is too much !

Currently I usually end up saying "Ok Google Shut up !" and it mutes the Google Mama but I didn't mean to be rude and mute it all the way....and I miss Google Mama when I drive 5 miles away from home where I have no idea where I am ...I end up saying "Ok Google I am sorry talk to me again" but unfortuantely that is not a recognizable command as the shut up command is.

This feature can be implemented in multiple ways:
  1. I can mark certain radius miles of my home/work not to be directed.
  2. If I been in a route more than X times (10 or 20 ...or whatever my learning curve is) like if I go from Home to "Target store" 15 times a month, I probably know very well all the turns.
  3. By Risk assessment. How much do I loose if I don't listen to Google Mama's direction?

    For example: if I am listening to my favorite music of all the time (which you can find out) and I am about to miss an exit, which is gonna make me arrive to my destination only 2 minutes late, I simply don't care! let me miss that exit and take the next one !

    But if I miss the exit and it is gonna make me arrive 15 minutes late. then I can understand if you interrupt my most favorite music of all the time for that! 
and finally I suggest, the google voice command to activate this feature be "Ok Google Just Relax !"

I had posted about how android should give you a better driving experience, this is a more like a public feature request from Google Maps :) +Android Developers  +Android  +Google+ Developers



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